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Welcome to Fraulein Jaeger and thank you for visiting my website.

I have been passionately making Handbags, accessories and other "gorgeous things" for as long as I can remember.
My main business which I started in 2001 being Handbags, which includes Totes, Satchels and Purses are all handmade by me, as well as a range of Jewellery, T.Shirts, Greeting Cards and Artwork (if I have a spare moment!)

I take great pride in making a quality product and I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and I hope you find something you like.

Bracelets - Freshwater Pearl B011Bracelets - Freshwater Pearl B011
Bracelets - B001Bracelets - B001
Handbag Cards 003Handbag Cards 003
Greeting Cards - General Pack 2Greeting Cards - General Pack 2
Handbag Cards 002Handbag Cards 002
Bracelets - B003Bracelets - B003